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Banned Khaki Army Dress

This military style dress has a great shape to it. The square neck has folded collars and shoulder straps giving a unique look. The design includes loads of brass tone textured buttons and stars. Wear with or without the included belt, this dress buttons up the whole front.

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Israeli Civilian Gas Mask w/ NATO Filter & Drinking Tube

Issued by Israeli Military to Civilians for Chemical & Biological Attack.

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Israeli Military M15 Gas Mask

This is an unissued military surplus Israeli M15 NBC Gas Mask size medium or large. The mask has a five-strap head harness with quick-release buckles, a central voicemitter, a 40mm threaded canister housing, a type 80 NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) filter canister, a drinking tube with safety connections and cylindrical plastic lenses.

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Belgian Gas Mask w/ NATO Filter

Belgian Military / Civilian type Gas Mask with NATO Filter.

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Russian SMS Gas Mask w/ Filter & Carry Bag

Enclosed face mask protects your respiratory system from harmful toxins while the impact resistant goggles allow you to see. Includes filters and carrying bag.

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Israeli Civilian Type Gas Mask w/ NATO Filter

This is the gas mask issued to Israeli civilians when threatened with chemical attack.

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